Slimming/Fat Reduction: 3 Sessions

Our Slimming/Fat Reduction Body Contouring Services: 3 sessions This package includes THREE Cryogen Slimming/Toning sessions. Each session should be done ten days to two weeks apart. During a single session, you will get 3 services during your visit: an hour-long body contouring treatment on one specific area, a NormaTec compression massage to assist in lymphatic drainage immediately after the treatment, and ending with whole-body Cryotherapy (or Red Light Therapy if you do not like the cold) to activate a cardiovascular response similar to working out. This unique body contouring treatment uses thermal shock to naturally kill fat cells, smooth out cellulite, and improve tone and texture of your body naturally. Focusing on areas that typically don't react to diet and exercise, this Slimming/ Fat Reduction process uses sub-freezing temperatures to destroy fat cells naturally without any damage to the skin. The T-shock breaks down these fat cells, which your body will naturally flush out through the bloodstream and lymphatic system in the days and weeks following the treatment. For best results, this investment should be partnered with good dietary habits, sufficient intake of water, and light/moderate physical activity in order to properly help your body eliminate the fat cells that were broken down in the treatment. The Slimming/Fat Reduction treatments are most effective when done two weeks apart, to allow body to fully eliminate all prior metabolic waste through the lymphatic system, so please allow at least two-months for full results of treatment. By purchasing this 3-pack you will be saving $75 as opposed to buying the sessions individually, and to perform more than one session is recommended for best results. If you are planning to come in for a service, please avoid carbs and sugar for at least two-hours prior to treatment. Each treatment is roughly an hour and a half in length with all three included services (slimming service, compression massage, and cryotherapy session). Aftercare instructions will be provided. *FREE CONSULTATION AND APPOINTMENT REQUIRED* Call 520-829-7271 or Text 520-442-2929 to schedule your appt!!


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