Lipo Light Introductory Session

You're going to LOVE your results with Lipo Light! This painless, non-invasive process entails the placement of patented LED Lipo Light paddles positioned on the skin in client's preferred target areas for 30 minutes. The unique wavelength of the LED light causes fat cells to form an opening, emulsifying the content of the fat cells. Following the paddle session, the client completes 10 minutes on our vibration platform (recommended) or cardio equipment of their choice in order to channel the emulsified fat into the lymphatic system for natural elimination. Please refrain from any food or water for 2 hours prior to your introductory session. You will receive detailed measurements, a thorough nutrition consult and your first treatment during your introductory session. Please wear comfortable clothing- athletic attire is best, but any stretchy clothing is appropriate. After completing your purchase, please call (530) 691-4488 or visit to schedule your appointment. For more information on Lipo Light, please see our informational video here: If purchasing this service as a gift, please email us at after completing your transaction to receive a printable gift card or come by the center where we can provide you a gift card for your purchase.

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